Blazed & COnfused, vol. 2


We are Stoned chakra


Based out of Cincinnati, Stoned Chakra has consistently produced music that destroys the concept of "Stoner Rap". HyRul3 and BaiNe make up the duo of high energy spitters that are always down to roll a blunt. Their first outing Blazed & Confused, Vol. 2(confusing I know) featuring Godemis of Ces Cru has been making its rounds throughout the underground hip hop scene allowing them the opportunity to open for the likes of Ces Cru, ABK, Potluck, Johnny Richter, Liquid Assassin, Black Pegasus and more. Not the types to be one and done, the blunt rolling aficionados released a concept EP in May 2015 titled "What's Love Got To Do With It" that took the music beyond the bud. Time to get the whole world's chakras stoned.


Vox, Bass / HyRul3
Vox / BaiNe


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What's Love Got To Do With It

by Stoned Chakra

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Gettin' High w' stoned chakra



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